Things one Needs to Consider while Designing a Parking Lot
Vehicles have been a common means of transport for centuries. It is apparent that there should be a parking lot for this automotive. Usually it is essential to consider designing a place where these vehicles can be parked safely. Parking lots have been created to park the vehicles when not in use. Therefore several factors need to be considered while designing a parking lot. They will be explained widely in this article. Read on parking lot design 
One has to identify the reason for designing a parking lot. People must consider the various reasons why they are designing the parking lots. For example, one can design a parking lot for personal use or retail purposes. While designing the two parking lots there are different factors to be considered. It is therefore essential to consider designing a parking lot purposely. Heavy duty parking lots may desire strong concrete floors as well as a bigger size. the sizes will by default determine the size of the vehicle to use the lot. Organizations, for instance, needs to consider the maximum number of vehicle they can expect. Otherwise if it is a household around two spaces can be designed.
For instance it is important to consider the thickness of the pavement of the parking lot. One need to consider creating a thicker pavement for heavy duty purpose. It is important to design a lot with deep pavement to cater for heavy tracks. People should as well consider the parking space angles. Different parking angles are desired for different cars. It is crucial to look into this aspect since angles within 45 to 60 degrees are designed for vehicles with higher turnover. Proceed to learn more
Secondly it is important to calculate on the size and space desired. It is important to do the measurements and record them up before designing. Parking lot size and spacing vary depending on the geographical areas and the industries. Before creating a parking lot one has to calculate the confidence interval for the mean number of vehicles expected. One need to consider draining up the parking lot to prevent standstill water which eventually will damage the place. For a parking lot to last longer, one has to design the drainage system very well. By avoiding standing water in the parking lot, this will imply the lot is more efficient and reliable. The other consideration to make is by considering the landscape of the parking lot. If the place is sloppy one need to put up measures to prevent vehicles from wheeling back.
Finally it is crucial to do the lighting to the lot. For guaranteed safety, a lighted parking lot will allow one to park without straining conveniently. The lighting should provide adequate vision, and eye comfort. In case of a fully parked area the lighting must adequately light through the place. View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKQqGl0Ktio